Four Principles


Yukon Prospectors Association

 c/o Grant Allan, Box 31486, Whitehorse, YT. Y1A 6K8, 867-332-9975

The following are four principles the Yukon Prospectors Association are putting forward that it hopes, as a basis for discussion and policies, all governments (federal, territorial, municipal and First Nation) can support.

  1. As very little (less than 0.1%) of all Yukon land may eventually result in mining and infrastructure development, most of Yukon’s land base should be available for exploration for mineral deposits using responsible exploration practices .


  1. Where the effects of activities on the land are of low impact, access to public lands for responsible activities should be freely allowed and not discouraged.


  1. Responsible mineral exploration and mine development should be encouraged as it provides for a strong economy, including jobs and educational opportunities for citizens and families in the Yukon. All laws and regulations should:
  • encourage and enable efficient and responsible exploration and development and reclamation
  • discourage irresponsible practices, and
  • ensure protection for environmental and cultural values.


  1. The right of the mining industry to pursue responsible development should be assured. Incentive should be provided by clear and sensible rules that, if followed, will result in a positive return on investment of time and money towards discovery and development of mineral deposits.