This year’s award goes to Yukon’s own Sue Craig. Congratulations, and well-deserved. Tonnes of volunteer hours.

“The Gold Pan Award is coordinated and presented by the AME BC Board of Directors to a recipient who has contributed exceptional meritorious service to the Mineral Exploration Community through the Association for Mineral Exploration BC.”


Here is a really great photo I found of her on the internet….

StFX Mafia

At the recent Yukon Geoscience Forum there was a sighting of Donald McInnes, Vancouver junior company rainmaker and currently Vice Chairman of Ross Beatty’s Alterra Power Corp.

Donald used to be in the mineral exploration racket with Yukon properties, so is he planning to resume that, we hope? Nope.

Or is he about to bring some excellent renewable power options to the Yukon? Nope, at least not yet.

So why was he here at all, you may ask? It turns out that the Donald was a yuuuuge fundraiser for the Yukon Liberal party that cleaned up in the recent Territorial election. But Donald is from a Conservative home, his father was a federal Brian Macaroni Cabinet Minister for the Tories:   The Hon. Stewart Donald MCINNES, P.C., Q.C., LL.D., LL.B., B.A.  Why the Liberals, for god’s sake?

Because of the Fellowship of the Ring. Donald attended St Francis Xavier university, StFX. Graduating from StFX comes with a ring that confers special powers, turning even mild mannered school teachers into powerful X-Men!


It turns out that our new Yukon premier, Silver Sandy and MLA henchman Ranch Pillory are also both X-Men, and there is a sacred bond between these people that demands political assistance.


Other notable Canadian politcos who attended StFX include Frank McKenna, Lisa Raitt and the abovementioned Brian Macaroni. The top reason people attend this tiny, super-elite institution, according to their website: 

“Students experience the excitement of receiving the iconic X-Ring upon graduation – a renowned symbol of scholarship and connection to a wider, worldwide community (Canada’s strongest Alumni network) ”

 Not mentioned anywhere in public is the StFX secret handshake, even more powerful than the ring…


My Pet Peeve…

Below are two maps of the same approximate area, several years apart:




The property name has been changed from  3 Ace to 3 Aces. By the Golden Predator.

The Main Zone, with all the flashy visible gold is now the Queen of Hearts, apparently, the Sleeping Giant is Spades and all the other old zone names have also been changed. Just Because…

I think the name changes are specifically intended just to piss me off! The same perpetrators also changed old property names like Scheelite Dome to Gold Dome. And the Rhosgobel zone at Clear Creek to the Juno zone (even though they never even drilled it). All these changes piss me off…

I had to think about why I am angered by the changes. Perhaps because it makes comparisons between old and new results difficult. Perhaps because one of the joys of being a field geo/ prospector is being able to give a name to your baby, a new discovery. When they get changed for oh-so-clever marketing purposes by someone who spent 10 minutes on site it seems like a personal insult. So F you too!


Some Yukon explorers have recently started or completed private placements. Hooray! If the PP is for greater than $1million it means they can actually do some real work, not just stay alive.


Arcus Development Closes Private Placements with Goldcorp 

$1,398,851 from Goldcorp as part of the deal for claims adjacent to Coffee project.

Precipitate Receives $1,200,000 Through Warrant Exercise by Strategic Metals Ltd.

Although Precipitate has some Yukon claims, this money will be spent in Dominican Republic. Strategic Metals works mostly in Yukon, so I see this as money leaving the territory. Not so good…

Northern Freegold Announces Private Placement and Closes First Tranche

$1,585,125 already closed, and probably more to come. Plus warrants.

Cariboo Rose Completes Casino “B” Option with Western Copper and Gold and Sells Back Nine Claims

OK, so no money changed hands in this one. But the Casino pit can now expand a bit. The pit edge of the current design at Casino terminates against the property boundary with Cariboo, not a geology or grade cutoff boundary. So expect them to add a few tonnes. Of course lack of tonnage is not really a problem at Casino…

5 1/2 tons of Gold from 10 tons of Quartz – beat that!

No less a source than the great Waldemar Lindgren, in Mineral Deposits from 1913, p. 548:

At Hill End, north of Bathurst in New South Wales, folded Silurian slates and tuffs are intruded by dikes and sills of quartz porphyry. The lenticular quartz veins lie in slate or at the contact with the intrusive rocks. Coarse gold prevails;  one mass extracted in 1872 consisting of solid gold weighed 630 pounds….  Five and one-half tons of solid gold were recovered at this place from 10 tons of quartz…

When you hear about huge nuggets found in Australia they are generally from this vicinity – Ballarat, Bathurst, Bendigo. Found by fossickers aka prospectors.


They say that dry panning is almost as much fun as panning in ice cold water. But the nuggets can be bigger!

Also, you can get your own free copy of Mineral Deposits by Waldemar Lindgren at Actual visual geological descriptions of “classic” mineral deposits with no isotopes or fluid inclusions to help.


Advice for Goldcorp

Goldcorp has recently purchased the Coffee Creek project in the Yukon, and I think I can help them to find more ore.  Below is a map showing the outline of the proposed open pits:


The geometry of the pits is seemingly bizarre – has anyone ever seen this sort of layout?

But I think I can see a pattern, and can predict where more ore lies. I think this is a little-known fossil type system:


I am pretty sure there will be another limb or two of ore if you drill to complete the pattern. You’re welcome.


This episode of Monty Python explains the origin of Teddy Salad, CIA agent. I have long since retired from the firm, but the bastards wouldn’t pay to take me out of disguise! The only good thing is I am much smarter than all the other dogs. And I can still lick my balls…

This film is an amazingly accurate portrayal of the Yukon. The food, clothing and the culture. It could even have been filmed at Keno Hill. It is also clear that American foreign policy hasn’t changed in the intervening decades.

GPY has a bridge at 3 Aces!

Normally, starting a drill program in the Yukon in mid October is a bad idea. Each day gets a bit colder, darker and more expensive (hello, Cantex). However, as 3 Aces has road access and a good camp it shouldn’t be too bad. I wish them luck! Also, nice to see that they got a permit for a bridge across the river – good community relations, I suppose, make all the difference.

Golden Predator Commences 3 Aces Drill Program

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – October 17, 2016) – Golden Predator Mining Corp. (TSX VENTURE: GPY) (OTCQX: NTGSF) (the “Company“) is pleased to announce the start of its drill program at the 3 Aces Project in Canada’s Yukon. The drilling contract was awarded to a unique progressive joint venture between Boart Longyear and the Liard First Nation. The Company has commenced use of the recently completed bridge crossing the Little Hyland River, reducing operational costs and allowing for year-round operations.


Check out the video of the bulk sample program from last winter. Some good shots of time-delay blasting. Is the blast mat supposed to head moonward the way it does at 1:45?