Gold Springs and Clayton Valley

Tri-Metals reports on work in the Gold Springs area (NV-UT border). 

Secures a lease on the Etna Mine from Utah. [Junior Mining Network]  …on their Jumbo Trend.

Announces results from Jumbo Trend. [Junior Mining Network]  14 holes / 3100 m.  Splashiest hit was 118 g/t Au over 1.5 m but there were some longer, low grade hits including 7.6 m @ 2.24 g/t Au.

Nevada Sunrise buys water rights in Clayton Valley. [Junior Mining Network]

In December 2015, Nevada Sunrise received a written appraisal from an independent appraiser certified in the State of Nevada, which valued the Permit at US$1.42 million. According to the appraisal report, the Clayton Valley basin is currently “over-appropriated”, with Albemarle Corp.’s Silver Peak lithium mine being the largest consumer of water in the area. The report further states that any new application for water use in an over-appropriated basin would be carefully reviewed by the Nevada Division of Water Resources, and it is uncertain if any new applications would be granted. Nevada Sunrise believes that its acquisition of the existing Permit will be a key factor in future lithium exploration and development by the Company for brines in the Clayton Valley.

They’re paying US$1.3M plus stock so there’s clearly some expectation of appreciation here.

Secret NV projects

Arizona Mining releases Hermosa metallurgical study. [Junior Mining Network]  Good recoveries from a 4.8 MT deposit at about 7%  Pb+Zn and an ounce of silver.  Interesting that their inferred shows higher grades across the board.  South of Tucson and west of Bisbee.

Reliance Resources enters a NV gold JV. [Stockwatch]   Don’t ask where.

Since the project is surrounded by additional attractive ground open for staking new claims, details as to its location will remain temporarily confidential for competitive reasons pending the completion of the staking process.


Iconic expands their lithium ground position. [Iconic Minerals]   They are 80 km from Silver Peak in Nye County and they too are likely still staking given there’s nothing out on their exact location.  They added added another 110 claims to bring them to 413.

Another secret

Southern Sun arranges $800K private placement. [Junior Mining Network]  They recently optioned Alkali Flats from Dajin.  When Harry Barr shows up, you know a play has legs.

Lithium and other news

Nevada Sunrise picks up another lithium property. [Junior Mining Network]  Sounds like Lithium Corp.’s Fish Lake prospect which returned up to 140 mg/l Li and 2,500 mg/L B.

Troymet looks to drill Wildcat in Utah. [Junior Mining News]

Rye Patch reports Gold Ridge drilling. [Junior Mining Network]  “75% of the drill holes encountered significant gold and silver mineralization” with 0.91 to 3.28 “AuEq” reported in two of 24 holes.

Oracle Mining bites the dust. [] A one-property pony with a shuttered mine near Tucson.

Nevada Copper and Sunrise

Crunch time for Nevada Copper. [Marketwired]  Announces a “Strategic Review” which involves doing just about anything to avoid Red Kite swooping in and scooping Pumpkin Hollow towards the end of March.  IKN provides the full scoop. [IKN]


West Kirkland raises $700K for Hasbrouck. [West Kirkland Mining]  After this, they will be 47% owned by two funds and the remaining 25% of Hasbrouck will be owned by Waterton.  They got a permit to build Phase I in November.

Nevada Sunrise gets a drill permit for Neptune. [CNW]  There’s been no fooling around here; they optioned this Clayton Valley area property last fall and they’re planning on drilling in February.  The project is 10 miles south of Ablemarle’s operation.


Lithium and Resolution

Lithium X closes $3.2M private placement. [Junior Mining Network]  The old Howe Street magic still works.   Whether this amounts to anything, the drill & pump (the real one) will soon tell.

Dajin options 60% of Alkali Lake to Southern Sun.  [Stockwatch]  Looks like they want to concentrate on Teels Marsh.  Alkali Lake has closeology value to late comers trying to jump into the Clayton Valley play.

Nevada Exploration Inc. closes $364K raise. [Stockwatch]  They had a run this fall and have taken advantage of it.


Desert Star gets a drill permit to drill Copper King. [Junior Mining Network]  The project is 5 km from Resolution and they had $1.1M in the bank in October.


Speaking of Resolution:  San Carlos Apaches are going after Rio & BHP. []  Apparently the Oak Flat campground is a sacred place.

“It is no different to what people can relate to about Mount Sinai,” Apache tribal leader Wendsler Nosie said.

Who knew?

Comstock Mining update on their underground expansion.  [Junior Mining Network]  They had to move the road to Dayton / Carson City a teeny bit but hopefully this transition to underground will mollify the Gold Hill / Silver City folk who are choked about the whole operation.

No open pits