Lithium and Eastside

Eureka and Nevada Sunrise results from Lida Valley. [Stockwatch]  Here’s a bright idea: use TDEM to locate / map brines before drilling.  At least you’ll know how much casing to bring.

Ashburton buys more claims adjoining Elon.  [Junior Mining Network]   Six claims for 3.5M shares.  [FD-dealings with (but not this)]

Columbus Gold starts drilling at Eastside. [Marketwired]  Near Tonopah in the Monte Cristo Hills.

The planned program with two rigs, a rotary rig and a core rig, includes 16,000 feet (4,850 m) of core drilling in 16 to 18 core holes, and 32,000 feet (9,700 meters) of reverse circulation, rotary drilling. Core holes will be pre-drilled by rotary drilling to 600 feet and then entered with the core rig to complete the holes. Some exploration holes and several infill holes will be completed by rotary drilling alone.

A miscellany

CNN field trip to Battle Mountain. [CNN / Republic of Mining]  Every four years they visit somewhere in Nevada aside from Las Vegas and tell us how the hicks manage to survive without all the amenities of New York or Atlanta.  Sounds like Trump is popular in the heart of gold country even with his stand on public lands in Nevada.


Nevada Sunrise closes $200K raise. [Junior Mining Network]

Arizona Mining begins a $2.8M program at Taylor. [Junior Mining Network]  It will be interesting to see if there’s more there; available data suggests otherwise.

Eurasian Minerals buys royalties from Till Capital. [Stockwatch]  Selling the NSR from these low grade Carlin prospects near Gold Quarry for stock.


Corvus plans 5,000 m of drilling at North Bullfrog. [Yahoo]  Starting at Sierra Blanca near their proposed pit and testing a couple of other targets as well.

Gold Standard plans $13.4M program at Railroad – Pinion. [Stockwatch]

The program is expected to cost $13.4 million USD and will include approximately 43,000 m of reverse-circulation (RC) and core drilling in a total of 100 holes with the majority of the drilling focused at the Dark Star and Pinion oxide gold deposits.  The program is designed to aggressively follow-up on 2015 drill results at the North Dark Star oxide gold discovery, expand known resources at Dark Star and Pinion, and test new high-value targets at North Bullion and Bald Mountain.

Arizona Mining raising $2.8M for Taylor. [Stockwatch]

Clayton Valley news

Howe Street goes camping. [Junior Mining Network]  Nevada Energy Metals mobilizes for a site visit to their Clayton Valley area property.

Chairman and CEO Harry Barr, Director Rick Wilson and two consultants, recently completed a site visit to the company’s recently optioned Alkali Lake lithium target. The purpose of this visit was to better assess and plan the upcoming 2016 exploration program and to gain a better understanding of regional geology.  During this visit the company travelled via helicopter to Alkali Lake and other surrounding projects and potential joint venture targets. Management is now evaluating our exploration plan as well as new opportunities and will announce the outcomes shortly.

Alkali Lake’s on a road and the nearest helicopter is either in Reno or Las Vegas (unless you’ve borrowed one from Area 51).   And there sure is lots of geology to see on your average Nevada brine prospect….

Sink hole

Maybe there was more to see in Vegas.

Cypress samples 3,070 ppm Li at Clayton Valley. [Yahoo]  Do we have your attention?  Unfortunately this is not a brine sample but a rock sample.   The hills are surrounded by source rocks with lithium in clay fractions running into thousands of ppm and it’s too bad you can’t mine them.  The market however is a different story.

Scorpio releases results from RC drilling at Oromonte. [Yahoo]  Meanwhile, high in the hills overlooking Clayton Valley, Scorpio continues to block out a satellite deposit near their producing pits.

Cal Everett takes over as CEO at Pilot Gold. [Yahoo]  Looks like they are planning on raising big money and have found just the right guy to help.

Gold and lithium

Troymet defines a new target at Wildcat. [Junior Mining Network]   Just a drum roll – no firm plans yet for the North Area Drill Target.

Aldever Resources on their lithium property purchase. [Stockwatch]  They picked up ground in Big Smoky Valley near the Clayton Valley turnoff on Hwy 95.

“Wanting to further increase blue-sky potential for the investor, the company recently entered the lithium space. The current boom in lithium, an element critical in powering [electric] cars, is driven by the fact that virtually every car manufacturer now produces an electric car. The company has chosen to focus its lithium exploration efforts in Esmeralda county, Nevada, as this is the only county in America which has proven that a playa deposit can be discovered and successfully put into production.

Okay – got it.  Esmeralda = lithium.

Nevada Sunrise signs a definitive agreement for Fish Lake. [Junior Mining Network]

On lithium

Land, give me land,…  Lithium-X acquires a large claim block on the west side of Clayton Valley. [Canada Newswire]  This will give them bragging rights as the biggest landholder there aside from Albemarle.  Could be a problem though.  Pure Energy’s 43-101 shows brines accumulating down dip on the east side of the basin under their ground but maybe LIX has better pumps and bigger straws.  Actually – it’s clear they have bigger pumps given the financial levitation they’ve managed without taking a single sample of anything yet.   An interesting resignation buried in the PR as well.



Lithium Corp signs an LOI on Fish Lake. [Accesswire]  The optionee is a BC numbered company which appears poised to flip it into a pubco.  The only other Fish Lake playa news was from Nevada Sunrise last month but the terms suggest two deals are happening.

Pure Energy completes well CV-4 in Clayton Valley. [Stockwatch]   When bad news becomes good news….

The drilling encountered several zones of very high permeability, including some intervals of flowing sands. High fluid inflows necessitated termination of the well before the targeted depth of 1,500 feet (457 metres).

Looks like LIX will need an even bigger straw.

Mostly misses

Carnavale completes drilling at Red Hills, NV. [Marketwired]  One of 4 holes hits mostly silver with a sniff of gold.

Desert Star strikes out at Copper King. [Desert Star]   You can’t mine alteration and that’s all they hit.  They’re pivoting to drill their Red Top target in the near future.  The targets did look good and they got the bad news out quickly.

Copper King

Silver Predator drops part of Springer Tungsten Property. [Silver Predator]  As a cost cutting measure, an expensive lease was let go with a consequent slight decline in resources.  You do what you’ve gotta do these days.


Yerington and Tonopah

The Northern Miner pumps Taylor. [Northern Miner]   Caveat emptor.

Quaterra hits 160 m @ 0.36% at Bear Copper near Yerington.  [Junior Mining Network]

Nevada Copper trying to raise US$15M. [Marketwired]  Their big creditor – Red Kite – will take up to $2M.

Columbus Gold to drill at Eastside. [Stockwatch][Columbus Gold]  A Walker Lane  epithermal target located on the east side of the Monte Christo Hills west of Tonopah.  Exploration is being managed by Andy Wallace who worked with John Livermore since the 1970’s.  They plan 16,000 feet of diamond drilling and 32,000 feet of RC drilling.

Gold, lithium and copper

Comstock Mining gets approval for heap leach pad expansion. [Marketwired]  The only mine now operating in the Comstock area aside from a few solitary high-graders.

Another junior moves into Clayton Valley. [Junior Mining Network]   Paul Gray’s Zadar Ventures (last in uranium) signs a “standstill agreement”.

Everybody into the pool.

Everybody into the pool.

Goldcorp. invests in Gold Standard Ventures. []  …thereby positioning itself nicely to take over Railroad-Pinion if things continue to go well.


Viscount Mining hits at Cherry Creek. [Viscount Mining]   Cherry Creek, 30 miles north of Ely, was a booming little place in the 1870’s.  Six hits in the first 12 holes. Stockwatch’s take on the results here….

Kaare Foy and Jim MacKenzie’s Viscount Mining Corp. (VML), up 2.5 cents to 49.5 cents on 165,000 shares, has received assays of up to 50.03 grams of silver per tonne over 30.5 metres at its Cherry Creek project in Nevada. Nine of the other 11 reported holes yielded silver, including one that averaged 117.6 grams over 12.2 metres. Modest amounts of gold accompanied the silver, but the project remains very much a silver prospect: the best gold assay ran just 0.128 gram of gold per tonne over 21.3 metres in a hole that did not yield any silver.

Mr. Foy, chairman, says he and his crew are very encouraged with their “maiden drill program,” which successfully targeted large intervals of silver mineralization. He says the significance of his news is that this is the first time in over a century that modern exploration techniques have been used at Cherry Creek. (Indeed it would have been a promotional bombshell had 19th century drillers found a way to use 21st century equipment.) He says nothing about the next step at Cherry Creek, probably because that depends on Viscount’s co-venturer, Summit Mining Exploration Inc., a United States subsidiary of Japan-based Sumitomo Corp. Summit can earn a 75-per-cent interest in the project by spending $10-million over eight years.

Mr. Foy, who seems to view remuneration the old fashioned way (with restraint, not oinking) does not draw any salary or receive any director’s fees for his work at Viscount, but his 560,000 shares of Viscount have appreciated significantly since they traded at just 16 cents last summer. (He also did well at Great Panther Silver Ltd. (GPR: $0.78), stepping down as the company’s $415,000-per-year chairman in 2011 and selling most of his stock near $5.) Viscount’s main paid help is Mr. MacKenzie, president and CEO, who has been earning $150,000 annually for the past three years.

And now what!?  Rare Arizona Jaguar found lurking near HudBay’s Rosemont Mine. [IKN]  Just one thing after another as Augusta and now HudBay try to put this project into production.  When the environmentalists manage to tag the local hills as “The Sky Islands” you know you’re in big trouble.  According to  this patch of desert is as special as you can get as, in addition to the cat, it is the reputed home of

  ..the Gila chub and Gila top minnow  plus the Chiricahua leopard frog, southwestern willow flycatcher, Huachuca water umbel, and two species recently proposed for Endangered Species protection, the northern Mexican garter snake and yellow-billed cuckoo.

Cuckoos are rare in Arizona?  Who knew?

Klondex EA and drill news

Walker River Resources pulls a couple of hot holes. [Stockwatch]   They’re working near Borealis, south of Yerington.   Press release is a little weird with “cut” holes running more than the cut value but the raw numbers look pretty good.  Best was 1.5m @ 292 g/t Au.

Corvus reports on drilling at Bullfrog. [Stockwatch]  Smoke but no fire; lots of <0.3 g/t Au.  They plan to drill 9,000m in 2016.

BLM approves Klondex / Fire Creek EA. [Junior Mining Network]  No production decision yet but what they’re mining (& milling at Midas) looks pretty good. (FD – I’m in).


Desert Star starts drilling at Copper Canyon. [Junior Mining Network] Kitty corner (5 km) from Resolution, they want to drill 2100 m into their porphyry target.

Arizona Mining boosts Taylor Deposit to 39 MT @ 11% “Zinc Equivalent”.  [Junior Mining Network]  T’is a skarn, south of Tucson.  Rumour has it J.K. likes it but it’s a pinch of zinc (~3%), copper (<1%) and silver (1-3 OPT).