Strategic Metals Ltd. announces drill results

Strategic Metals Ltd. announces drill results

from the Mars, Hopper and Hartless Joe properties. The results weren’t great…

Interestingly, at the Mars the drill target was gold in veins instead of the porphyry Cu-Au target we all know and love.

At the Hopper they drilled in the vicinity of some nice high grade Cu-Au skarn hits from previous years, with not so good results. They still haven’t really tested the huge porphyry target…

On the plus side, Strategic has as many properties in the Yukon as anyone, and they still have roughly $.30 per share in cash (unless they went nuts in the last 6 months). So for $.43 per share you get lots of great targets and the money to test them. 122 properties, 5 JVs, 1 option, plus some royalties. And partial ownership of the other Archer Cathro companies – Atac, Rockhaven, Silver Range.