Archives of the late Jane Gaffin, Yukon writer/ journalist

I recently stumbled upon two repositories of articles and books written by Jane. Jane was a staunch defender of Yukon’s prospectors and the mining industry. She was also highly focused on Freedom and Gun Rights and against the UN and it’s agencies. Jane hated the Yukon bureacracy when it went off the rails, and led towards what she called  “Yukonslavia”! And Jane wasn’t afraid to name names.

As Jane describes the site:

A WordPress site primarily focused on government bottom-spanking and political Blastograms


This site includes 3 very extensive compilations of mining related articles and musings. One is on the Whitehorse Copper belt, it’s history, geology and the people who explored and mined there. Another is an archive of articles associated with the late prospector/ geologist Jim McFaull and his trials and tribulations. This includes Jim’s long time struggle to retain the powers of the Yukon Quartz Mining Act. The third (and longest) archive is related to prospector Al Carlos, his life and times with a focus on a run-in with authority that demonstrated the general lack of gun rights in Canada.

The second site is

This site has a large list of articles by Jane that only partially overlap with the WordPress writings. Quite a few stories about prospectors….