StFX Mafia

At the recent Yukon Geoscience Forum there was a sighting of Donald McInnes, Vancouver junior company rainmaker and currently Vice Chairman of Ross Beatty’s Alterra Power Corp.

Donald used to be in the mineral exploration racket with Yukon properties, so is he planning to resume that, we hope? Nope.

Or is he about to bring some excellent renewable power options to the Yukon? Nope, at least not yet.

So why was he here at all, you may ask? It turns out that the Donald was a yuuuuge fundraiser for the Yukon Liberal party that cleaned up in the recent Territorial election. But Donald is from a Conservative home, his father was a federal Brian Macaroni Cabinet Minister for the Tories:   The Hon. Stewart Donald MCINNES, P.C., Q.C., LL.D., LL.B., B.A.  Why the Liberals, for god’s sake?

Because of the Fellowship of the Ring. Donald attended St Francis Xavier university, StFX. Graduating from StFX comes with a ring that confers special powers, turning even mild mannered school teachers into powerful X-Men!


It turns out that our new Yukon premier, Silver Sandy and MLA henchman Ranch Pillory are also both X-Men, and there is a sacred bond between these people that demands political assistance.


Other notable Canadian politcos who attended StFX include Frank McKenna, Lisa Raitt and the abovementioned Brian Macaroni. The top reason people attend this tiny, super-elite institution, according to their website: 

“Students experience the excitement of receiving the iconic X-Ring upon graduation – a renowned symbol of scholarship and connection to a wider, worldwide community (Canada’s strongest Alumni network) ”

 Not mentioned anywhere in public is the StFX secret handshake, even more powerful than the ring…