So there is a new junior company named K2 Gold. A new version of the ski gear?  Is it a marihuana company, you get as high as K2? Or is it exploring in Pakistan for gold? Bring your O2.


Perhaps a vitamin company?


No, no.

Spotted recently at the Yukon Geoscience Forum was John Robins, Spud Heustis award winner, rainmaker for numerous Vancouver-based explorers including the recently taken over Kaminak Gold. So he has returned to early stage exploration by acquiring the WELS property for the newly re-named K2 Gold. WELS was discovered just a few years ago by R. Hulstein and F. Anderson, for which they were named Yukon Prospectors of the Year (probably a more prestigious award than the Spud Heustis, imho). The property, located near Wellesley Lake and Snag was explored initially by privateco Gorilla Minerals, owned in part by MLA Ranj “StFX” Pillai. Gorilla didn’t really know what to do with the property. I strongly suspect that Robins and his gang will know exactly what to do with it. Good luck!


The Wels property lies in gentle terrain near the White River.