Bearing Resources Provides Update Of Yukon Hy-Jay Gold Property

Here is a wonderful news release…  they dig up some prospecting assays from 2011. Not a bad “new” zone, discovered only a km or so from a couple of known gold zones, and never drilled. Up to 47 g/t Au and 230 g/t Ag.  It is surprising what you can find if you know what you are looking for!



But this company has done virtually nothing constructive this year. And they have basically gotten out of the mining game – none of the remaining directors have an exploration background. And they disposed of some of their best mining properties for some shares and lunch money. Commander Resources Ltd. now has the Flume property, probably the best Yukon property that Bearing had. One of the properties that Bearing still shows on their website is the BIG claims. However, what is left of BIG are a few peripheral claims that will expire soon that were part of a decent sized block that lay adjacent to the Clear Creek property (now owned by Victoria Gold). The best part of the BIG block lapsed and was restaked a couple years ago by some genius. (Ask me how I know… )

Here is the kicker:


Yes, you could have bought some BEARING shares for 2 or 4 cents and sold them for 46 cents in the past year.