Well, first off I am no Muckpile Mike. My name is Teddy Salad, a Yukon mining investigator disguised as a sled dog. You know what they say, when you aren’t the lead dog, the view never changes. So my slant on northern mining is likely to be more cynical, sarcastic, poorly written and less frequent than the gems regularly produced by Mike. And I have had to dust off my Fortran programming skills to write a blog for the first time. Also, cut me some slack, as typing with paws really sucks…

Sincerely, Teddy


PS All posts older than this one were written by Muckpile Mike, though they now appear to be written by me… not sure how to fix this.


2 thoughts on “FIRST POST!

  1. Hurray! – Glad to see the Muck Pile shall fester on in very capable hands. Very best wishes to our new editor.

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