Advice for Goldcorp

Goldcorp has recently purchased the Coffee Creek project in the Yukon, and I think I can help them to find more ore.  Below is a map showing the outline of the proposed open pits:


The geometry of the pits is seemingly bizarre – has anyone ever seen this sort of layout?

But I think I can see a pattern, and can predict where more ore lies. I think this is a little-known fossil type system:


I am pretty sure there will be another limb or two of ore if you drill to complete the pattern. You’re welcome.

One thought on “Advice for Goldcorp

  1. Personally, I was reminded of a road-killed praying mantis. What fun it will be permitting this when YESAB suddenly realizes that this will involve more surface disturbance per ton of ore than any hardrock mine ever built in the Yukon. Fortunately YCS thinks this is a “good mine”. I wonder if that might change with Eira gone?

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