5 1/2 tons of Gold from 10 tons of Quartz – beat that!

No less a source than the great Waldemar Lindgren, in Mineral Deposits from 1913, p. 548:

At Hill End, north of Bathurst in New South Wales, folded Silurian slates and tuffs are intruded by dikes and sills of quartz porphyry. The lenticular quartz veins lie in slate or at the contact with the intrusive rocks. Coarse gold prevails;  one mass extracted in 1872 consisting of solid gold weighed 630 pounds….  Five and one-half tons of solid gold were recovered at this place from 10 tons of quartz…

When you hear about huge nuggets found in Australia they are generally from this vicinity – Ballarat, Bathurst, Bendigo. Found by fossickers aka prospectors.


They say that dry panning is almost as much fun as panning in ice cold water. But the nuggets can be bigger!

Also, you can get your own free copy of Mineral Deposits by Waldemar Lindgren at Archive.org. Actual visual geological descriptions of “classic” mineral deposits with no isotopes or fluid inclusions to help.