On lithium

Land, give me land,…  Lithium-X acquires a large claim block on the west side of Clayton Valley. [Canada Newswire]  This will give them bragging rights as the biggest landholder there aside from Albemarle.  Could be a problem though.  Pure Energy’s 43-101 shows brines accumulating down dip on the east side of the basin under their ground but maybe LIX has better pumps and bigger straws.  Actually – it’s clear they have bigger pumps given the financial levitation they’ve managed without taking a single sample of anything yet.   An interesting resignation buried in the PR as well.



Lithium Corp signs an LOI on Fish Lake. [Accesswire]  The optionee is a BC numbered company which appears poised to flip it into a pubco.  The only other Fish Lake playa news was from Nevada Sunrise last month but the terms suggest two deals are happening.

Pure Energy completes well CV-4 in Clayton Valley. [Stockwatch]   When bad news becomes good news….

The drilling encountered several zones of very high permeability, including some intervals of flowing sands. High fluid inflows necessitated termination of the well before the targeted depth of 1,500 feet (457 metres).

Looks like LIX will need an even bigger straw.