Mostly misses

Carnavale completes drilling at Red Hills, NV. [Marketwired]  One of 4 holes hits mostly silver with a sniff of gold.

Desert Star strikes out at Copper King. [Desert Star]   You can’t mine alteration and that’s all they hit.  They’re pivoting to drill their Red Top target in the near future.  The targets did look good and they got the bad news out quickly.

Copper King

Silver Predator drops part of Springer Tungsten Property. [Silver Predator]  As a cost cutting measure, an expensive lease was let go with a consequent slight decline in resources.  You do what you’ve gotta do these days.


One thought on “Mostly misses

  1. Not surprised by the results, if you look at many other porphyry systems, the changeability anomaly is associated with the barren pyrite halo and the best copper numbers are found within the core changeability ‘low’. Looking at their drilling it looks like they may not have drilled their best target.

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