Gold and lithium

Troymet defines a new target at Wildcat. [Junior Mining Network]   Just a drum roll – no firm plans yet for the North Area Drill Target.

Aldever Resources on their lithium property purchase. [Stockwatch]  They picked up ground in Big Smoky Valley near the Clayton Valley turnoff on Hwy 95.

“Wanting to further increase blue-sky potential for the investor, the company recently entered the lithium space. The current boom in lithium, an element critical in powering [electric] cars, is driven by the fact that virtually every car manufacturer now produces an electric car. The company has chosen to focus its lithium exploration efforts in Esmeralda county, Nevada, as this is the only county in America which has proven that a playa deposit can be discovered and successfully put into production.

Okay – got it.  Esmeralda = lithium.

Nevada Sunrise signs a definitive agreement for Fish Lake. [Junior Mining Network]