Clayton Valley news

Howe Street goes camping. [Junior Mining Network]  Nevada Energy Metals mobilizes for a site visit to their Clayton Valley area property.

Chairman and CEO Harry Barr, Director Rick Wilson and two consultants, recently completed a site visit to the company’s recently optioned Alkali Lake lithium target. The purpose of this visit was to better assess and plan the upcoming 2016 exploration program and to gain a better understanding of regional geology.  During this visit the company travelled via helicopter to Alkali Lake and other surrounding projects and potential joint venture targets. Management is now evaluating our exploration plan as well as new opportunities and will announce the outcomes shortly.

Alkali Lake’s on a road and the nearest helicopter is either in Reno or Las Vegas (unless you’ve borrowed one from Area 51).   And there sure is lots of geology to see on your average Nevada brine prospect….

Sink hole

Maybe there was more to see in Vegas.

Cypress samples 3,070 ppm Li at Clayton Valley. [Yahoo]  Do we have your attention?  Unfortunately this is not a brine sample but a rock sample.   The hills are surrounded by source rocks with lithium in clay fractions running into thousands of ppm and it’s too bad you can’t mine them.  The market however is a different story.

Scorpio releases results from RC drilling at Oromonte. [Yahoo]  Meanwhile, high in the hills overlooking Clayton Valley, Scorpio continues to block out a satellite deposit near their producing pits.

Cal Everett takes over as CEO at Pilot Gold. [Yahoo]  Looks like they are planning on raising big money and have found just the right guy to help.