Another good reason to steer clear of B.C.

A long time Yukon prospector now working further afield sent me a copy of an email he received from the B.C. Government.  I didn’t believe it at first but some fact checking suggests it’s legit.  If you’re a prospector or junior mining company trying to sell a property in B.C., take note:

BC Notice

Look like in some deep dark basement in Victoria, Dr. Frankenstein has grafted a BC Securities Commission regulator with a mine inspector and the result isn’t pretty.  Doubtless this is being done in the name of “protecting the public” which seems to justify just about any BS from government these days.  What’s next?  Are prospectors going to have to fill out PIF’s and get an RCMP clearance?   Will they only be able to sell properties to Qualified Investors.

After the bureaucrats have finished chasing down the few two-bit prospectors left in this business, will they going to turn their attention to real prey?   How about the 250 or so juniors with properties in BC?     There will be a lot of website designers out of work in Vancouver if all a junior vending a property can post is name, rank and serial number.

B.C. – Beyond Comprehension.


“I’m protecting the public damn it!”

2 thoughts on “Another good reason to steer clear of B.C.

  1. I believe the BC governments actions, insane as they are, are a response to the bingo game atmosphere being created in BC due to Map Staking. Everybody and their mother are picking up and flipping known showings, really getting in the way of, shall we say more legit explorationists out there.

    This is simply one of the many down sides to map staking.


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